Tucson’s Locally Owned and Operated Corporate Housing Specialists

Corporate housing Tucson has gained favor with employers in recent years because it allows them to provide a higher quality housing solution with more comforts of home to their employees and corporate visitors than is possible in a hotel setting. What exactly does “corporate housing” mean in Tucson, today? Corporate housing means Tucson short term rentals as well as Tucson furnished rentals provided with all the latest amenities and local service providers. These are turn key temporary living solutions intended primarily for business people on the go, though others are also attracted to the idea of being able to spread out, cook a meal and enjoy amenities not typically found in a hotel setting.

What Does Corporate Housing Entail?

Corporate housing is an alternative to staying in a motel or hotel when away from home for an extended period of time, usually (though not always) for a stay of 30 days or more. A management company such as SunTree Corporate Housing maintains a number of scrupulously appointed apartments, condominiums and homes for people who are in the Tucson area for an extended length of time. Travelers on an extended stay tend to appreciate the multiple advantages that come with the short term rental of an actual home as opposed to the cramped quarters, noise and constant interruptions often prevalent in a motel setting. When a person is away from the comfort of his own surroundings, he tends to become appreciative of even the simplest of real home attributes, such as the opportunity to wash a load of laundry while lounging in front of a big screen television, or the ability to cook a meal in a real and fully stocked kitchen. A typically furnished corporate housing unit will include conveniences and creature comforts such as:

  • All standard home furnishings chosen especially for their comfort and attractive appearance
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • A gracious plenty of high quality bed linens, towels, etc.
  • Large, flat screen televisions
  • All utilities including cable, high speed Internet, etc.
  • All of the benefits that are associated with that particular housing unit’s complex such as spa, tennis courts, pool, health club privileges, etc.
  • The highest of quality and meticulous attention to detail in all essentials

Who Can Use Corporate Housing?

Anyone can! While corporate employees and visiting guests are perhaps the most common beneficiaries of corporate housing units, there are many other times in a person’s life when he might prefer to stay in a quality home as opposed to a frequently turned over motel room. Business interns, students (particularly international students), government employees traveling on extended assignments, groups on musical tours, emergency insurance housing, homeowners who have been displaced because of a catastrophic event such as a fire, and people relocating to the Tucson area who desire the time to get a feel for the area and wish to take their time before purchasing a home. Corporate housing is also popular with vacationers who like to stay for 30 or more days at the time in one location.

In short, when a person lives in corporate housing instead of a hotel, he not only has a more private and more comfortable home-like environment in which to live, but he typically pays a lower price than he would at a motel and enjoys more upscale amenities, as well!