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The scope of corporate human resources has changed greatly over the past few years. While it was once standard to hire new employees that already live in your local area, it is now possible to tap into a global work force. It is not uncommon for skilled job candidates to be currently living in another state, regional or area of the world. Asking them to come in for an interview involves travel and lodging while they are near your corporate headquarters. If it is decided that they will be trained to begin work, temporary housing must be found so that they can reside close to your corporate facility. Companies that are not able to accommodate those who travel from afar risk losing access to the best and the brightest in worldwide business.

Tucson corporate housing takes the place of a local hotel or motel. It becomes a home away from home, or a home for your new employee before they have found a permanent place to move. For many employees, it must give them the comforts they have come to trust in other locales. New trainees that are moving with their families, must have furnished rentals where they can bring their spouses and children if necessary.

Working with a local company is best when finding corporate housing for new and traveling clients. Unlike large chains or franchises, these furnished rentals do not have an air of banality about them. Instead they remain homey, cozy and comfortable as one’s home should be. While these units are used for corporate housing, they are not leased by realtors that are programmed to make a sale. Designed especially as corporate rental units, these apartments are outfitted to facilitate business.

extended stays TucsonNew employees and traveling clients are able to use their mobile technology and have recreational facilities for their relaxation. When not at work, residents can enjoy exercise and spa facilities. Beautiful landscaped grounds and well decorated rooms lend an air of modern comfort. Furnished rentals come equipped with appliances, central air conditioning and full kitchens. The services of maids and meal delivery are easily arranged.

Residents are welcome for varying lengths of time depending upon their work schedules. Unlike traditional hotels, residents are not subjected to daily check-out procedures. With multiple locations available, your company employees never have to travel far from their new home to work every day. Standard equipment like wi-fi let managers communicate and conduct business for the global workforce.

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