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Traveling business associates spend a vast majority of their time traveling between job sites, clients and potential clients. This kind of associate is normally away from their home for months at a time. For this reason, the associate may become homesick or want to bring their family on the job assignments as they travel. To keep the employee happy and to increase the results of the traveling assignment, the employer may need to consider housing the employee in a home away from home. This type of home would be a familiar place the employee can come back to every day after work and without the temporary feeling of being housed in a hotel.

To accomplish a task such as this, furnished rentals and temporary housing should be a consideration for the employee. Housing, such as these, allow an employer to have an apartment, condo or house that they can come back to every day without worrying about someone coming in to clean or seeming like they are living out of a suitcase. These homes come fully furnished and the employee will only need to bring their clothes and food. The family that chooses to travel along can also have their own rooms and enjoy being with each other at the end of each day.

The communities that these homes are located in are usually in an exclusive area that is near entertainment, national landmarks and activities. This makes it easier for the employee to explore the city and have all of the amenities near them that make it feel like they are really at home. The homes are also typically newer construction and in safe communities. There are also additional perks provided to the employee and employer depending on the company chosen to find the housing.

Tucson furnished rentalsAs an example, if the location is found through Tucson corporate housing, the employee can expect complimentary internet service (wireless or Ethernet), which most often is inside the home and other times in the lobby of the condo. The temporary home will also receive a thorough fifty point inspection within twenty-four hours of the employee move-in, a personal assistant that handles all things related to the home throughout their stay, access to on-site facilities such as: pools, fitness facilities and spas. The home will also include utilities such as cable, gas, electricity and water. Most importantly, the washer and dryer is installed inside every home.

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